Tuesday, January 5, 2016

it's blogger's fault

Nah, not really. It hasn't been eating my updates. I can't blame it. Between working, having a girlfriend, job-hunting, trying to find short-term gigs, and staring agog at the news, I haven't blogged.

Anyway, it's 2016. I should have started a job this week, but Immigration decided to foul up the works. So I'm in limbo for a couple of weeks, hoping that everything works out. I've had lots of time to watch basketball and look at other short-term gigs. Too much time really. I am consumed with frustration at the moment. I just wanna be working and making a living and getting on with my life. I feel I'm running in circles at the moment. Looking at Facebook only makes things worse. Anyway...that's enough for now.

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